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Clean House Economics: Why Geithner and Bernanke Must Go

Posted in Uncategorized by ittecon on April 1, 2011

Words to live by…

Obama, who energized the country as the right black man for a white America waiting to get over its guilt, got caught in a spider web, elected to office but powerless over an economy controlled by an ideology he had not created. The price the country is paying for an accidental president committed to the Clinton agenda because he had not been in politics long enough and, therefore, has no network of loyalists of his own, and Hillary’s non-presidency is a gradual recovery until 2022, financial markets replete with moral hazard, people in debt over their heads, and political and economic descent.

The United States has little time to lose to wait until November 2012.  Before this president goes in two years after losing his reelection, a foregone conclusion at this point, at least he can do some thing right by putting into place a better economic team by replacing Ben Bernanke at the Fed and Timothy Geithner at the Treasury, apologists of the past, to usher in post-Clinton economic policies that can be reminiscent of the younger Volcker.  … Read More

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