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7 Reasons This Muffin Mix Can Save America

Posted in economics by ittecon on April 7, 2013

The CEO of this “obscure” company gets it. If only they’d source their products with non-GMO corn, I’d be shouting the praise even louder. So whilst I give this guy creds, I can’t buy his products. For those without a distaste for GMO products, you may still be happy with his ethics.

“Buy our products, or you won’t be happy or sexually fulfilled” is the implicit message that lies to us each time we turn on a TV or catch up on the latest news. Instead of trying to convince us what we should want, Jiffy simply does the right thing, and works to meet a genuine need for convenient wholesome food. The 30% to 52% off the final price that Jiffy saves not advertising or making flashy packaging is directly passed on to customers in the form of unusually low prices.

via 7 Reasons This Muffin Mix Can Save America.


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