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Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies

Posted in Humour by ittecon on December 20, 2014

Some humourous film reviews from a Randian perspective.

via Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies – The New Yorker.


Capitalism in Action

Posted in economics, Humour by ittecon on November 14, 2012

Supply and Demand?

Posted in economics, employment, Humour by ittecon on October 14, 2011

A humourous commentary on supply and demand economics…

The conversation goes like this:
    • Customer: $15 bucks a glass?
    • Calvin: That’s right! Want some?
    • Customer: How do you justify charging 15 dollars?
    • Calvin: Supply and demand.
    • Customer: Where’s the demand?! I don’t see any demand!
    • Calvin: There’s lots of demand!
    • Customer: Yeah?
    • Calvin: Sure! As the sole stockholder in this enterprise, I demand monstrous profit on my investment!
    • Calvin: And as president and CEO of the company, I demand an exorbitant annual salary!
    • Calvin: And as my own employee, I demand a high hourly wage and all sorts of company benefits! And then there’s overhead and actual production costs!
    • Customer: But it looks like you just threw a lemon in some sludge water!
    • Calvin: Well, I have to cut expenses somewhere if I want to stay competitive.
    • Customer: What if I got sick from that?
    • Calvin: “Caveat emptor” is the motto we stand behind. I’d have to charge more if we followed health and environmental regulations.
    • Customer: You’re out of your mind. I’m going home to drink something else.
    • Calvin: Sure! Put me out of a job! It’s you anti-business types who ruin the economy!
    • Calvin: I need to be subsidized.

A New Gold Standard [Video]

Posted in economics, Humour, Policy Issues by ittecon on January 5, 2011

“Fear the Boom and Bust” a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

Posted in class materials, economics, Humour, Keynesian Economics, macroeconomics by ittecon on May 5, 2010

This has been around for a bit, but it is topical to this week’s material.

What if Goldman Sachs Were a Product?

Posted in economics, Humour, Policy Issues, Regulation by ittecon on May 4, 2010

Chickens for Checkups

Posted in economics, Humour, Policy Issues by ittecon on April 26, 2010

Sue Lowden, Republican senatorial candidate from the state of Nevada suggests that the solution to the health care problem can be solved by barter. The DSCC has facilitated this by offering Ms Lowden’s services as a health care clearing house. If you are low on cash and wish to barter for health care services, visit this site.

EPA Energy Scam

Posted in economics, environment, Humour, microeconomics, Moral Hazard, Policy Issues, Regulation by ittecon on March 30, 2010

It goes without saying that everybody needs a gas alarm clock, but it is important to find one that is energy efficient. For this, the EPA offers a consumer service to assess product efficiency.

EnergyScam – Business – The Atlantic.

Much may be said about how inefficient the government is and how this is preceisely why it should not be running a health care system. What will not be said is how many times time happens in a corporate setting, whethe rdeliberately or otherwise.

Tough Employment Decisions

Posted in economics, Humour by ittecon on May 19, 2009

Tough Decisions

Kyle Saves the Economy

Posted in economics, Humour by ittecon on March 28, 2009

Watch South Park’s take on the current financial crisis, or just witness behind the scenes how the US Department of the Treasury  makes tough choices.

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