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Obama Riles His Own Party with Social Security Offer

Posted in economics by ittecon on April 7, 2013

It doesn’t matter that the president’s budgets are symbolic and largely ignored from a financial, accounting perspective. What matters is that this rhetoric frames the discussion—and it frames it the wrong way.

President Obama’s decision to include in the budget proposal he’s scheduled to unveil Wednesday a less generous way to calculate Social Security cost-of-living increases may be the clearest sign yet that his name will not again be on a presidential ballot.

via Obama Riles His Own Party With Social Security Offer : It’s All Politics : NPR.

Visualising $100,000,000 Budget Cuts

Posted in economics, macroeconomics, Policy Issues by ittecon on April 25, 2010

Learn about the Federal budget of the United States of America, and visualise what a $100,000,000 budget cut means in perspective.