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Chart: Know Your Economics

Posted in economics by ittecon on September 19, 2013
economic chart

Know your branches of economics


This was sent to me from a friend without ties to academic or professional economics.

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Got jobs?

We give them jobs, They give us gold,

Free Trade

March Madness

Posted in economics, Taxation by ittecon on March 22, 2013
March Madness

Effective tax rates in the US are not among the highest of industrialised countries.

Media Matters

Posted in economics by ittecon on March 21, 2013
Social Security Focus in WaPo

Media Matters

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Real-World Simpson-Bowles Pre-Emptive Analogies

Posted in economics, Policy Issues by ittecon on February 27, 2013
The Modern World Comic

Simpson-Bowles analogies

Capitalism in Action

Posted in economics, Humour by ittecon on November 14, 2012